• Dear Dr. Louis,

    While the teachers in our ELA department would like to have a core list of novels and dramas that we all teach, we also want to have the freedom to teach novels and dramas of our own choosing. Please help!


    Dear Monica:

  • Dear Dr. Louis,

    "Quick question -- I was just reviewing my notes from the webinars and remember that at one point, an online dictionary/thesaurus was referenced for the term 'left out' that helped students consider word choice that held the same tone or connotation. I don't seem to have written down the resource/website. It was very easy to navigate so would love to be sure we have that noted. Can you help?" -- Joan

  • Dear Dr. D,
    I've been researching expository writing and keep getting this type of definition: Expository writing is devoid of descriptive detail and opinion. It contains just the facts.
    How can I reconcile that statement with the Schaffer method? 
    Thanks, Annette

    Dear Annette,

  • Dear Dr. D,
    I have students stating that they struggle to reach the minimum word count while following the Jane Schaffer structure. For example, if the essay is to be 600-800 words, they may have only 450 words but state that they are following the formula. Any advice as to what you would do?
                                                                            - Julianna K, Grades 7-12
    Dear Julianna,

  • Dear Dr. D',

    What do I tell my department when they would like to change the ratios from what they were taught? 

    Frustrated Department Chair

    Dear Frustrated,

  • Dear Teachers, 

  • Dear Teachers,

    As you know, we are working through a four-part series titled "Hitting on All Cylinders" which combines the core literature your students are reading with vocabulary, grammar, and paragraph writing. Before we move on to Part III about integrating grammar lessons while you read and study vocabulary, I wanted to address a question regarding student absences.

    Question: Dear Dr. D',

    How do you handle Friday absences regarding the oral quiz?


    Student Instructions for Making Up a Missed Quiz

  • Dear Teachers,

  • Dear Teachers,

    Let me start out by letting you know that this system was created by Nancy Sharma and me. We combined our knowledge and experience and created a practical and effective approach to teaching vocabulary as it correlates to our novel and drama studies, our grammar and syntax lessons, and, of course, our writing. There's a lot to this, and it's really a 3-hour workshop in the truest sense of the word, because teachers use their Scope and Sequence to create the various components. However, once it is in place, the results are phenomenal.


    Dear Dr. D',

    "Our Scope and Sequence is huge, and I do not know how to get everything done and include the Jane Schaffer Writing Program, too. Help!! I'm drowning!" 


    Dear Lisa,