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Tiered Writing for Elementary Webinar Series

This five-part webinar series provides PK-5 elementary educators with professional development in teaching the Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program to elementary students.

The price of this 5-part webinar series includes 7.5 hours of training ($120); the 568-page teacher's guide, student masters, and pen set ($149.95), and a shipping and handling cost ($15).

The first session introduces educators to the JSWP common terminology and color-coding. Participants will learn the program's essential elements, which set the path for students to communicate their learning through discussion, pictures, words, and sentences in all content areas.

The second through fifth sessions will train teachers in the four major modes of writing:

  • personal and fictional narrative;
  • expository and fictional writing, including non-text-based, text-based, summary and how-to;
  • opinion / persuasive writing; and
  • response to literature.

In this workshop, participants will learn

  • the JSWP terminology, color-coding, and methodology;
  • the step-by-step scaffolding process for students of various ages and cognitive levels;
  • how to present models to students and creative activities to practice the process; and
  • how to assess the work created.

Subject Area Participants: All Subjects, LS

Grade Level(s): PK-5

2-Part Series (Weekdays):
  • June 11 and June 12 (9:30 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. CDT) *SUMMER SPECIAL

5-Part Series (Weekdays):
  • Currently no dates and times available. Check back for updates!

Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, and Business Checks Accepted.

Please note that sessions will be recorded for review purposes only. Online participants are expected to join us in real time and must attend at least 80% of the live training to earn a certificate of completion.

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