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Below you will find several white papers and articles that discuss educational trends, growth, challenges, and JSWP solutions.

Does Teacher Professional Development Improve Student Learning? Evidence from Leading Educators’ Teacher Fellowship Model

In this paper, we examine a teacher fellowship model for professional learning designed and implemented by Leading Educators, a national nonprofit organization that aims to bridge research and practice to improve instructional quality and accelerate learning across school systems.

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White Paper on Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program Digital Writing Experience

This white paper describes the Jane Schaffer Application which allows a student or teacher to digitally go through each step of the Jane Schaffer Writing Method. It lays out the benefits of digital learning and discusses cloud computing, SAAS application, application security, IT security, and the application process.

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A Case Study on “The Jane Schaffer Paragraph – developing organized writing across the curriculum”

The Jane Schaffer writing program is designed as a scaffolding technique to foster and enhance the clarity and organization of student writing. Students often struggle with the “blank page” and the Schaffer structure offers them a tangible and straightforward basis for clear, concise and insightful writing. The Schaffer format also provides for a common language to be shared across the curriculum and is meant to be used in every subject where writing is required. In middle school and high school, this common language is especially beneficial for students as they move through the IB programs.

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Schools Shifts from STEM to STEAM

3D printers, sophisticated software and other technologies are helping many schools incorporate the arts into their STEM curricula. Students in DeSoto West Middle School’s iSTEAM3D Magnet Academy aren’t just learning about cities, they’re building one from the ground up — complete with running water and working lights. They’re using MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printers to create roads, homes and businesses that bring their imagined city to life.

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