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The Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program has been a staple in classrooms across the nation and around the world since 1984. It has evolved over time, but its success stems from Jane’s simple philosophy: all students can think; all students can write.

The program includes an initial organized, logical, and aligned method of writing for novice and struggling writers in grades K-12. That same method transforms into sophisticated weaving and syntactical techniques for college-bound students taking advanced courses. No longer must children sit and stare at a blank page. JSWP® takes the mystery out of writing academically in all content areas and for all children.

Popular workshops and webinars include Argumentation, Expository and Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum, the Personal and Fictional Narrative, and the famous Response to Literature.

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Under the “Company” tab on our Home Page, you’ll see “Request a Training.” Click on that link, and Dr. Louis will receive your request. You may also call or fax us.

This question is difficult to answer because the workshops are priced by the type of workshop, the number of days, and the number of participants. Under the Company tab on our Home Page, select “Request a Training.” One of us will contact you by phone or email to answer all of your questions. We’re happy to create estimates for you, as well.

We are not a “one-and-done” type of organization. In fact, we believe in a continuous cycle of learning with regard to the program. The more questions you have, the better we like it, because that tells us you are applying the methodology. Questions are normal. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Dr. Louis is happy to answer your questions. She won’t grade all of your essays, however!! LOL.

The content delivered is the same, and because the webinars are live, the participants are able to chat with the presenter and ask questions during each session. Unlike a traditional workshop, the webinar does not allow the presenter to watch the participants, so s/he cannot tell if a participant is in front of the screen or in a different room. Thus, the monitoring is not as effective in a webinar unless you decided to have everyone meet in one classroom or lecture hall as a professional learning community (PLC).

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