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Writing is an act of discovery, a way of clarifying ideas, a social activity that often thrives upon contact with others, and a recursive process requiring time, reflection, feedback, and revision.

Professional Learning opportunities abound with Jane Schaffer Writing Program® workshops and webinars. These trainings provide teachers with an understanding that writing is about thinking. And the instruction and graphic organizers are designed to teach the “thinking process” that accompanies the “writing process” in English language arts (ELA) classrooms and non-ELA classrooms!

You may select from Jane’s successful and updated modules or work with our staff to customize a workshop for your specific needs.

Our workshops and in-services are interactive, focusing on and differentiating for pragmatic teaching environments and productive coaching techniques. We model the Jane Schaffer technique and then guide teachers to write and practice the skills they have just learned while we circulate around the room, just as we do in the classroom with our own students. Teachers apply their understanding of combining details and analysis in order to produce effective paragraphs and essays. We believe in the teaching/coaching model as the best way for teachers to master the concepts in the Jane Schaffer Writing Program®.

The typical workshop day includes six (6) to eight (8) hours of meeting time (not including lunch) unless otherwise noted. For schools scheduling two or more days of in-services, those days may be scheduled on consecutive days or not.

If you are interested in hosting a private workshop or inquiring about participating or forming an open workshop in your area, select “Request a Training” and complete the inquiry form.

Public Workshops: A Jane Schaffer Writing Program® Workshop open to the public. Sessions may vary from 1 to 4 days in length as detailed in the description. Individuals and entities may pay with credit cards or purchase orders.

Private Workshops: Districts, schools, and communities are able to host a specific Jane Schaffer workshop as part of their professional learning offerings. Entities may pay with credit cards or purchase orders.

Webinars: Because of ever-changing district policies and teacher schedules, Jane Schaffer Writing Program® (JSWP) webinars are becoming more and more popular among school districts and teachers. Online professional learning allows participants to attend live webinars with Dr. Louis and her team of experts in the training of the beginning writer to the advanced writer in the modes of academic writing: argumentation, expository/informational, response to literature, narrative, and style analysis.

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