Evaluate Their Writing

Unleash Their Potential

Home Schooled students must be successfully prepared for skilled academic writing for the next phase of their academic career. Upon completion of the JSWP® Program, all Home School students will have the appropriate skills and knowledge to become successful writers in advanced high school curriculum and post secondary education.

JSWP® provides the Home School teacher the support and training to make this happen for all their students.

After the JSWP® training, implementation and periodic reinforcement, the following benefits will occur:

  • Your students will demonstrate considerable growth in their ability for critical thinking and academic writing;

  • You will feel confident in your ability to “teach” writing;

  • You will have a supplement to your Home School curriculum that provides direct instruction for the teaching of academic writing; and

  • Your students will be able to successfully and skillfully matriculate into the next phase of their educational career.

Services Offered