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Professional Development Strategy

3-year comprehensive progression plan

To create a continuous cycle of learning, districts or schools might choose to follow up the initial whole group workshop(s) with JSWP public or private webinars. Public webinars are provided throughout the school year, in a variety of formats, and presented by owner Dr. Deborah Louis or JSWP certified national trainers.

English Language Arts instructors are encouraged to receive training in Response to Literature, Expository, Argumentation, and Narrative as well as training to prepare students for state and national tests, including ACT, Advanced Placement®, International Baccalaureate, SBAC, and STAAR®.

Instructors of English learners and special education students are encouraged to receive training in Response to Literature, Expository, Argumentation, and Narrative.

Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies teachers, along with all content areas, including Physical Education, Career and Technology, World Language, Health, and Fine Arts, are encouraged to receive training in Expository / Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum.

We recommend that Social Studies educators also receive training in Argumentation.

Any teacher or counselor preparing students for college admissions essays would benefit from taking the Narrative training as well as the Argumentation training when preparing students for the ACT.

If the Spanish instructor teaches Spanish Literature, an advanced course, we recommend Response to Literature. For conversational Spanish, the Expository/Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum training above will be beneficial. AP Spanish teachers would benefit from attending Argumentation.

In addition to initial training mentioned above, LEC provides ongoing private webinars to faculty, based on areas of focus in specific content areas or areas in the JSWP process in which teachers need more individual attention (e.g., generating commentary; style analysis; more on introductions and conclusions; developing effective prompts, to name a few). Districts and schools may opt to purchase a bundle of 90-minute webinars for customization.


  • Public Webinar Series

    • $219.95 per person (includes teacher’s guide, student masters, pen set)

    • Shipping and Handling

  • Webinar Bundles

    • 5-pack: $2,500

    • 12-pack: $4,800

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