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Knollipop Shoppe Box

Our new Knollipop® Shoppe is a box of sweet activities for students learning the Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program®. The box of treats includes our Knollipops® and our Sentence Bars.



Knowing the difference between Concrete Detail and Commentary is one of the essential components of the Jane Schaffer Writing Program and an important skill in life. This fun activity allows the teacher to observe students collectively and individually demonstrate their understanding of fact vs. opinion, evidence vs. analysis.

Recommended for Grades K-12.

Included: 25 Sets


  1. Distribute the red and green Knollipops to your students. Each student has a green and a red Knollipop.
  2. As you discuss a character, read an article, review another student’s essay, work through the activities in the JSWP guides, students will identify CD with their     red Knollipop and CM with their green Knollipop.



Organization and Logic are key to writing, and JSWP teaches students how to arrange their ideas logically in their academic body paragraphs: We start by teaching them the elements of a body paragraph and their function: a Topic Sentence, Concrete Detail, Commentary, and a Concluding Sentence. This fun and collaborative activity allows students to work together and discuss how to arrange a paragraph into a logical unit of meaning. Sentence Bars are sets of sentence strips in the four modes of discourse: Argumentation, Expository, Narrative, and Response to Literature.

Recommended for Grades 3-12.

Includes: 5 Sets for Each Mode


  1. Take the Response to Literature Sentence Bars out of the Knollipop Shoppe box. You’ll find five sets.
  2. Create up to five stations in your classroom.
  3. Place a set of the Sentence Bars at each station. Important: Make sure the sentences are out of order!
  4. Assign a group of students to each station.
  5. In each group, assign one or two students a role: TS Detective, CD Detective, CM Detective, CS Detective.
  6. On your mark, get set, Go! Set the timer for one to five minutes, depending on the age, ability, and experience with JSWP.
  7. Together, the students arrange the sentences in order, remembering the function of each sentence and the ratio for Response to Literature!
  8. When the timer goes off, the teacher reviews each station (gives them a thumbs up or raises a green Knollipop) if the sentences are correct. If the sentences are not quite correct, the teacher gives them a thumbs down or raises a red Knollipop. The students must make it right. The teacher returns to groups, which need to fix their sentences, after checking all stations.
  9. Students shuffle their sentences. Everyone moves to the next station.
  10. Repeat.
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