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Tiered Writing for Elementary Guide (Grades PK-5)

Our newest edition to the Jane Schaffer® catalog of instructional writing guides is Tiered Writing for Elementary (PK-5). Unlike our secondary guides, which are sold separately by mode, this 568-page 3-ring binder includes the four main modes of writing: Narrative, Expository, Opinion, and Response to Literature as well as student masters to accompany each mode.


This Teacher's Guide includes the JSWP® core concepts, a scope and sequence, rubrics, models, and practice activities. The first section is the Introduction, and the other sections include scaffolded pedagogy, instructions, and models for each mode of writing:

  • personal and fictional narrative;
  • expository and fictional writing, including non-text-based, text-based, summary and how-to;
  • opinion / persuasive writing; and
  • response to literature.


Used at our popular workshops and webinars, this workbook allows teachers time to practice the steps in the process, plan their lessons, and produce models of their own for the students.


The book also includes more than 60 JSWP graphic organizers, designed specifically for PK-5 students and ready for copying.


Order now and start your students’ writing experience with fun and success!

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