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How individual sheets connect to the big picture of writing?


Dear Dr. D', I’m concerned that, since everything is so new, the students do not understand how those individual sheets connect to the big picture of writing?


Start with a final piece.  Show them a sample of the end result.  This will help them understand how we start with the steps in the thinking process which leads to processed writing!.  Remember, the more mature writers they become, the less tangible steps they will have to take.  The process will become more organic with them.  What we’re doing is providing them with cognitive organizers to help with the difficult process of creating logical, organized thoughts in written form.I tell the students that I would like for them to master the process as just one more tools in their toolboxes. I teach them all types of skills. This is one great one, but it is not the only one. I say, "I'm going to provide you with the knowledge to learn many skills. Learn this one in its entirety. Then, as you become better in your writing, you will naturally start letting go of the hands-on steps because you will have internalized them. In other words, they'll become a part of your thinking process, and you'll not need the graphic organizers. Trust me."

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