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The Simple Keys to JSWP® Fidelity


For teachers and students to implement the Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program® with a high degree of fidelity, school leadership teams, grade level professional learning communities, and individual teachers must commit to a simple but key process.

The process is quite straightforward:

The teacher-student cycle of practice and feedback is a continuous cycle needed to embed the JSWP® process into curricula and internalize the process into the minds of teachers and students.

  • PRACTICE – Teachers and students must practice the JSWP® scaffolded process to internalize their thinking about the process and to create “automaticity.”
  • FEEDBACK – Students not only need timely formative feedback sessions, but also teachers need regular constructive feedback. The JSWP® Scope & Sequence, the JSWP® Rubrics, and the JSWP “Look Fors” for Leadership Guidelines (JSWP® Essential Tools) provide teachers and their administrators with user-friendly guidelines designed to assist in planning and lead to program fidelity among teachers and their students. Using the JSWP® Essential Tools, the feedback cycle has a two-fold purpose for both teachers and their students: (1) to promote writing efficacy, and (2) to identify areas of difficulty or nonalignment within the JSWP® process.
  • PRACTICE – Students and teachers practicing the JSWP® process through modeling, collaboration, and independent work will yield fidelity and progress if both students and teachers receive positive reinforcement.
  • FEEDBACK WITH JSWP® IMPLEMENTATION INTERVENTIONS AS NEEDED – As warranted by the feedback cycle and an expected occurrence in the cycle, teachers and students may need additional training and instruction to correct any JSWP® process missteps that may occur along the way.
  • CELEBRATION – Affording time to celebrate the successes and gains for both teachers and students alike reinforces the efficacy of embedding JSWP best practices and provides FUN for all!

At Louis Educational Concepts, we work collaboratively with schools, leadership teams, departments, and individual teachers to ensure JSWP® fidelity. We can assist in the implementation of the JSWP® Essential Tools and provide focused professional development interventions and add-ons as needed. Our goal is your goal: to have students and teachers successfully implement this outstanding academic writing program so that they experience academic success throughout their school years.

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