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Professional Development Strategy

3-year comprehensive progression plan is a web-based application of the Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program®. The program guides students through each step of the writing process – from Gathering CDs to Generating Commentary to Revising and Editing to Finalizing the Assignment.

Electronic Student Portfolios

  • Add, Delete, Edit, Print, and Save Your Work

  • Watch Your Growth from year to year; teacher to teacher

  • Submit Your Assignments to Various Teachers

  • Receive Teacher Feedback

  • Use in Grades 3-12 and in College

Electronic Teacher Portfolios

  • Import and Sync Class Rosters

  • Generate Writing Prompts and Writing Assignment Specifications

  • Present Teacher-Generated Models

  • Meet with Colleagues to Review Student Growth (Vertical Teaming)

  • Provide Assessment and Feedback

  • Use the JSWP Rubrics or Other Rubrics

  • Teach the Thinking Process of Writing

Modes  of Writing

  • Response to Literature

  • Expository

  • Argumentation

  • Narrative

Writing  Formats

  • Short Constructed Responses

  • Paragraphs

  • Essays

Writing  Skills

  • Introduction

  • Thesis Statement

  • Body Paragraphs

    • Topic Sentences

    • Gathering Concrete Details (Evidence)

    • Generating Commentary (Analysis)

    • Concluding Sentence

  • Conclusion

  • Research

  • MLA format


  • Editing, Revising, Proofing


  • Live Professional Development

  • Self-Paced Virtual Training

  • Private Webinars


  • Web-Based – Any Device with Internet Access (Safari, Chrome)

  • Integration with Canvas, Clever, Schoology, Google Classroom

  • Customer Support


  • Homeroom Level: 1-100 accounts –$9.99 per month per account

  • Lyceum Level: 101-499 accounts –$6.99 per month per account

  • Campus Level: 500 – 1000 accounts –$4.99 per month per account

  • District Level: 1001-5000 accounts – $2.99 per month per account

  • Collegiate Level: More than 5,000 (contact us)

Google Docs Templates

Jane Schaffer Writing Program offers teachers its Graphic Organizers in Google Docs Templates. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will be able to access the Google Docs templates and share them with your students.

Terms of Agreement: Please honor the integrity of our relationship by sharing these documents with your students only. We have priced the product so that it is affordable for teachers to purchase on an individual basis. By purchasing this product, you agree to share this template with the students on your class roster. Thank you for working with us to provide you with digital materials.


  • Response to Literature: $60

  • Expository/Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum: $60

  • Argumentation: $60

  • Narrative: $60

  • Full Set: $200

Team Teaching with Dr. Louis

Dr. Louis provides a flipped introduction to students regarding the color-coded JSWP terminology of writing an academic body paragraph for the Expository/Informational mode of discourse. Options for Implementation:

  • Watch the video and teach the lesson yourself.

  • Team teach with Dr. Louis. You teach, she teaches, it’s a collaboration!

  • Great for absent students to view and follow when they return to class.

Price: $229

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