Train-the-Trainer Institute

Professional Development Strategy

3-year comprehensive progression plan

Grades K-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Once a school or district has two years of expert training, modeling, observations, and guidance by Dr. Louis and JSWP national trainers, and the school or district instructors have implemented and practiced the program in their classrooms with experience in pacing lesson cycles, fielding student questions, and scoring student work, instructional coaches and/or strong teachers in various content areas should be ready to begin the Train-the-Trainer program.

Once trained by Dr. Louis, the district or school Lead Teacher and OnSite trainers would provide 1) onsite trainings for new teachers; 2) supplemental training, coaching, and team-teaching activities with new and veteran teachers; and 3) an OnSite presence that requires fidelity and longitudinal studies to the program’s effectiveness. These selected educators will be trained by Dr. Louis and provide an ongoing, collaborative, and consistent form of JSWP training. They will learn how to train and coach teachers in the four modes of discourse: Response to Literature, Expository, Argumentation, and Narrative.

The Lead Teacher will serve as a liaison between the district or school and Dr. Louis to assist the principal(s) with the vision of the school or district and, eventually, the entire program. They will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in the reading and writing acumen of the students and then suggest topics for additional workshops and webinars by Dr. Louis and her staff.

For additional OnSite Trainers, schools or districts might desire, for example, a strong social studies instructor to attend only Expository and/or Argumentation Train-the-Trainer sessions. In that case, additional OnSite Trainers pay a reduced price once a Lead Teacher is established.


  • Lead Teacher

    • All Modes - $2,500 per Mode or $7,500 for all four Modes

    • $125 per mode for materials or $500 for all modes

    • Taxes

    • Shipping and Handling

  • Additional OnSite Trainers in conjunction with the Lead Teacher or afterward

    • $995 per mode per person

    • $124 per mode per person for materials

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