MockX is the name LEC gives to benchmark assessments administered by schools to students (1) to assess fidelity to the JSWP Program;(2) in preparation for high stakes writing assessments; (3) and/or preparation for writing related to career decisions.

The MockX serves three purposes and one major goal.

  • The one- or two-day event, depending on the number of essays, is the culmination of trainings and application of strategies to prepare students for high-stakes testing, college writing, and/or formal writing that may help students in future employment or small business decisions.

  • The event provides immediate feedback to teachers and their students regarding the performance on benchmark essays; and

  • The event provides an efficient and effective form of scoring the benchmark essays.

  • The most important reason for implementing the MockX, however, is that it trains teachers to (a) focus on the scoring guide in order for them to assimilate and, therefore, instruct students in writing skills; (b)identify strengths and weaknesses at a particular grade level; and (c) discuss and redirect misconceptions about skill and content, both for teachers and their students.

Trainers review and decode the prompts for the teachers and provide teachers with skill-based performance training as they review the scoring guides and sample essays. Teachers are trained to find rangefinders for each score. These training techniques help the teachers become more skilled in training their students. With this model, all essays are scored and returned to the students within a week of the assessment.

JSWP Scoring: Districts submit essays to JSWP to score, allowing 6-8 weeks turnaround time, depending on specifications.


  • MockX: $4,500 per day per trainer

  • JSWP Scoring: $30 per essay (minimum of $1,500 essays)

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